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I’m Just A WHORE In The World…..That’s All That They’ll Let Me Beeeeeeeee

There is a dark place, where only the brave can wander,
After you arrive there, you’re soul needs constant launder.

This dark place is filled with men, and the devils dreams,
There is NO light, no hope, and no pretty white beams.

This place is not HELL, But as close on earth as it could be,
There is no end in sight, I guess this is the life for me.

I close my eyes at night, and try to hide the pain,
Nothing makes it go away, I am way past insane.

I give my body, soul, and spirit away just to make a buck,
Is all I am worth in this world, just an AMAZING fuck?

I have a family that I support, love, and need,
But they will never be proud of a whore that can’t succeed

I feel my insides ripping out more every day,
I have no voice, no one to talk too, nothing to say….

To be continued…..