Hunger Games 2014

I have no legs, well arms, hands, or feet for that matter. Now obviously this is not characterizing me, but now a client I have seen twice. I decided after our first appointment that I wouldn’t write about him, but the damage to my mental psyche has been so severe, that I feel maybe this will release some of it. If not, oh well, til I see him again…

So how does a person, basically a torso and a head get to see a hooker? For this 40 year old married man, EASY. He also plants bulbs in his garden at home, and does work around the house. He drives hisself….I imagine a handicapped van, just never follow clients out to see their cars. I’m not a tag writer, or bookkeeper. So he gets in, and aims his wheelchair next to the bed, and flops face first down. I am just trying to act KINDOF like I don’t notice, or that his lack of extremities doesn’t bother me one bit. Do I ask about it? Nooooo, I will later though! Well I did, he was born this way. Benefit of seeing him, he not Mr. Handsy! Downfall whew – I don’t think he can bathe properly, and I must then assume his wife does not assist because he sure is odiferous. That’s not the weirdest, just imagine the picture. So I’m saving details, but it was beyond bizarre.


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