The Money Definitely Doesn’t Come Without Many Personal Costs

The life of an escort, is so much more difficult than you can imagine. Some girls envy this job. They would gladly drop their drawers for 100 bucks for 20 minutes. The smart girls know that this job is worse than ANY job out there, BY LEAPS AND BOUNDS! I’d personally rather dig ditches for 12 hours a day in Death Valley, CA. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking, give this whore one day with a shovel and she would quit so fast our heads would spin. Am I right? Lol….knew it! Digging ditches wouldn’t rob me of myself, my soul, and my dignity. It wouldn’t rob my children of an honest working mom, who didn’t have to lie about how the bills were paid. Least importantly, it WOULD make me a contributing member of society. Now I definitely keep boosting the economy. I don’t save, I spend. That being said, it would feel so much better to make an honest living, pay taxes, and even get a refund!!! 🙂

What else sucks about not having a “regular” job? I have to sit and worry if I’m going to make enough/any money on a given day. Now I RARELY have days where I don’t make a dollar, but there are days where I need to make several hundreds of dollars, and do it. And then there are days I sit on pins and needles just waiting for someone to schedule an appointment. You know at the end of the week you will recieve a paycheck for x amount of dollars. I on the other hand, have NO clue if I will make what I need to make per week….That aspect REALLY sucks!!!


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