Up, and Down like A Whore’s Drawers…. Anastasia Steele

So I just had to get a little life stuff out about my family, and myself. I am the most normal girl you’d ever meet. Aside from my job, you’d have no clue what I did for work just by looking at me. I attend school PTA meetings. I am an active Mother, Wife, and person in society. Well, as active as I can be with a job like this. 😉 I love to ski, play tennis, and do just about anything that is good, clean, wholesome fun! I think that because I live a life enveloped within the sex industry that I like to keep all other aspects of my life as, “SAFE” as possible! A prudish lifestyle. My 6 and 7 year old kids do not know what the, “middle finger” is. I pride myself on those little things!

But you aren’t reading my blog to hear about the same things that happen in your own life, with your own kids. You are here to witness my red light life retold by my fingertips to an iPad through WordPress…… Synopsis of this weeks events…..I’ll spare ya the normies, (normal clients) and give ya the weirder stories.

So it all started with a hungover regular client Monday at 11am. I’ve seen him about 20 times, but never hungover as he put it. Now yes I do have over 3 years sober, but him being hungover had me concerned none! So after he arrived, he very quickly asked me, “Have you ever smoked Crack……Meth?” I quickly responded with a horrified look on my face, “No I’ve never smoked Meth, the only deterrent I ever needed to not smoke Meth, was to look at a picture of a Meth User. I unfortunately have smoked crack. Now this was over 10 years ago, but, yes, I have.” Not realizing I should have quickly followed that up with, I WILL NEVER SMOKE IT AGAIN, AMD I HATE IT. But I didn’t. So he asked the obvious, “I’m looking for a girl to party with.” I shut him down. Told him what to say to girls to see if they do drugs. Apparently the term is “party favors.” Well, he about jumped for joy…..as much as one “hungover” son of a bitch could. I gave him all the horror stories I could, warned him that it would NEVER lead to anything fun, or positive. But my job was done. He wanted to talk for 25 minutes. Thanks 😉 I could do that all day and still have a piece of soul, dignity, and possibly see a person in the mirror? Oh how a girl can wish…. “Up and Down, like a whores drawers” Anastasia Steele Fifty Shades of Grey


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