Info for the Ladies…..

So exactly how long does it take to lose your soul, yourself, your dignity, and your sanity in the business of giving your self away every day? I’d say 4 years. That may be different for others, but for me, that is when I started to see Men, people, and even Women in a new light. Now I don’t see women as clients, but I do see all of their husbands. That will DO something to a girl. Knowing that even the most attractive, rich men, with the GORGEOUS show piece wives, still want the, “No Strings Attached” girl like me.

I’m not even the prettiest of all girls in the biz. I’m average. Told I have a REALLY pretty face. I’m skinny, with no butt. I have broad shoulders because of my height. I have small breasts, 34 A to be exact, I am 5′ 9″ with small, almond shaped green eyes. When I smoke weed they get super tiny. My legs, and I guess my face are my best features. But I’m no model….

So why do your husbands come see me? I can’t answer those questions? Why are men’s sexual desires so insatiable? Why can’t even the most sexual of wives, keep their husbands from straying? Variety is the spice of life is what these men tell me. I offer these men more psychology, then I do anything else. I answer their questions honestly, I don’t bitch about things they have, or haven’t done. Ladies, I don’t know what it is…..But I feel for you! I thank you though too for giving your husbands space! Otherwise, I’d be poor!!! 😉


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