Something recent & interesting…..Some Bizarre terms too!!!

So I have moved, and no longer work in the Baltimore County area. Where I work now is relevant, but I don’t want it disclosed. So I went from high paying clients, to these cheapos who want to nickel and dime me to death. Is that the worse? Fuck no! The worse for me is being ripped off, and completely grossed out. Now I RARELY get ripped off, (knock on wood,) but I deal with smelly, fat, dirty men all day long. Not to mention these are the lowest forms of people in the world. Cheaters, liars, and most leading second lives. Who am I to judge? I am their provider! A Hooker Psychologist! A lowlife to them, and society as well.BIZARRE TERMS AS PROMISED

PEGGING- doing a guy in the ass with a dildo…EWWWWWW

ROOM & BOARD- throwing up on a guy, or simulating it….What the fuck??

GFE- Girl friend experience

PSE- Porn Star experience

TOUR- Client wants to search your place. Which is fine! Men beware if a girl won’t allow TOUR

L.E – Law Enforcement Check


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